"The Primals" which is the band that FFXIV has, is releasing a new album in March, they did a behind-the-scenes video and for "A Long Fall (The Twinning)", they referred to someone's meme about the song which was a meme in itself.


The meme itself - youtube.com/watch?v=NApxz5bSl2

What it was originally based of - youtube.com/watch?v=5L1tr0PIx2

@wylel It's a fun TLD. Mostly used by the Japanese for sites to do with anime/manga and the likes.

I, while I do like anime, just tend to buy random domains since I work for a domain registrar lol :)

Anyone got any recommendations for J-Rock/J-Metal/Visual Kei bands.

I like Babymetal, BAND-MAID, LM.C, Alice Nine, The GazettE.

Spotify/SoundCloud/YouTube preferable.

What's better these days? (In terms of price to performance)

Looking to be EU based to host Plesk with about 200GB S/HDD, 8GB RAM ish.
Just looking at options. Not committing to anything right away.

Happy Sunday to everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!

Got my about.crakila.moe site below 150KB Uncompressed.

Played around with optimizing parts of it and learned a few things along the way.

Thanks to @kev and his site 512kb.club for the inspiration. 🎉

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Hi friends!


Time for a re-re-re-re-re-re-

I'm Crakila.
I'm 29
I'm from Ireland 🇮🇪
I'm Pansexual
I'm into Games / Tech / Wrestling / Japanese Culture

I'm available on Discord via Crakila#6200
I'm on Birdsite at: @PadraigFahy
(Private Birdsite available for mutual peeps! Ask me for it)


Gimme accounts to follow.

Preferably no political or right-wing accounts.

A Belated Happy New Year to my Mastodon friendos!


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Hope you all have a good Wednesday? Tuesday? Thursday?

I have no idea what day it is.

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Tickets booked to go home this week.

I'm not crying.

I'm crying.

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or Shane O Mac is gonna put you through the announce table.

@Twitter@twitter.com @TwitterSupport@twitter.com

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Whenever you are replying to someone, check their bio to see if they have any pronouns listed. It takes less than 10 seconds to do that.

It might not make a difference to you, but it makes a HUGE difference to him/her/them/ze/<insert pronoun here>


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ugh fine.

I guess you are my little pogchamp

come here.

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I'm drinking and feel kinda... meh

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Happy Friday!

Sending people DMCA notices for making posts too similar to mine.

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