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Happy Friday!

Sending people DMCA notices for making posts too similar to mine.

US Politics - Neutral Thought 

Even though that I am in Ireland, I hope that who you chose for in the election represents you in the location that you are living in.

A lot of people don't like Trump. A lot of people don't like Biden.

But hopefully you like the person that your county/constituency has voted for. If not, rally your friends or family for next time to make the change :)

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ukpol, covid, incompetence 

Shock and despair follow revelations that 'world-leading' Test and Trace system is being run on Excel spreadsheet
"Next they'll tell us it's run on Windows 95 and they manually back it up on floppy disks each night."

Finishing work late this evening. Gonna get comfy when I get home and play some

Do Nier raids and other guff


Enigma's Killing Floor 2 Survival Server is now 24/7 Desolation.

This is the map that was released with the last update and will be kept on for a period of time.

For more information, go to :)

Just a FYI for all, I have a VERY small gaming community that I am going to be making announcements on here. I will tag it and even use CW for toots in relation to it :)

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Got my first AWS bill for the media uploading/downloading on this instance.

A whopping 30 cents!

2003 was a wild year.

Fefe Dobson (Not known in Ireland afaik)

She had a 1-hit wonder in Ireland, but seems to still be popular in Canada

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